Jan 26, 2022  
2020-2021 University Catalog 
2020-2021 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Catalog Year for Degree Requirements

Catalog Year is a term that refers to a set of degree requirements as they apply to individual students in their progress toward earning a degree from USciences. Catalog Year starts with the summer term of each academic year. For example, the 2020 Catalog Year starts with the 2020 summer semester (20/SU).

Generally, students are responsible for the degree requirements in force for their major at the time when the student initially enrolls as a first-year (U1) student. Catalog Year is used by the Degree Audit system to evaluate a student’s progress toward meeting the degree requirements that apply to them in their current major. Certain circumstances listed below have special rules governing Catalog Year.

  • Transfer Students—Catalog Year for transfer students will be backdated to the Catalog Year when they would have started attending the University as a first-year student. Students entering with a prior bachelor’s degree are considered to have met the requirements of General Education and do not have to satisfy the specific requirements of General Education.
  • Change of Major—If a student changes his/her major, his/her Catalog Year will remain the same as his/her original entering year.
  • Leave of Absence—Students who return from an official Leave of Absence retain their original Catalog Year, which is based on their original entrance to USciences.
  • Readmitted Students—Students who are readmitted after having been separated from the University should have the same Catalog Year as a normally progressing student in the Class Level into which the student is readmitted. This is the same as a transfer student.
  • Readmitted Students (Academic Fresh Start)—Students who are readmitted under the Academic Fresh Start program are treated as new first-year admissions. They will have the Catalog Year appropriate for a first-year (U1) student entering USciences in the semester in which they reenter the University.
  • Double Degree UG/GR—Students enrolled in double degrees that involve one undergraduate/first professional degree and one graduate degree (e.g., BS/MS, PharmD/MBA) will have Catalog Years assigned to each academic program as appropriate, based on original matriculation at each academic level.