Apr 16, 2021  
2013-2014 University Catalog 
2013-2014 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PC 495 - Independent Research Project in Pharmacology/Toxicology

This course is a research opportunity for students to work with a faculty mentor (or faculty’s lab team members) to gain insight and skills in research literature interpretation, hypothesis testing, laboratory measures, and data analysis, as well as research summarization and conclusion generation, with poster preparation and data presentation to a broad audience. Faculty mentor and student should agree upon the specific objectives and expectations for the course at the beginning of the course; usually the course will follow one or more PC 395 courses, with the added course requirement here for preparation and presentation of data at a local or regional science meeting. This course can be taken multiple times.
4 lab hrs

Prerequisites & Notes
(Prerequisites: PC 395 or equivalent and approval by faculty mentor and course coordinator)

Credits: 1 to 4 (determined by faculty mentor and student)