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2013-2014 University Catalog 
2013-2014 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PP 565 - Human Disease and Application of Therapeutics II

Students learn the process of patient care, the principles of human disease and therapeutics in special patient populations, and the application and integration of genomics, drug interactions, adverse drug events, and drug information in human diseases and therapeutics. This is the third course of a four-course series of pharmacotherapy and human diseases integrated with the four-course series of lab and case studies courses. This series of courses also coordinates with the three-semester sequence of medicinal chemistry/pharmacology.

This series of courses will develop the student’s ability to assess a patient case, determine reasonable alternatives for therapy, select the appropriate therapy and monitoring parameters, and justify those choices utilizing knowledge and skills. These courses will build upon previous courses to develop the student’s knowledge base of common human disorders and their therapy. They will emphasize drug therapy and the skills needed in collection, interpretation, and assessment of information from textbooks, cases, and primary literature.

Of the lecture material, approximately 33% will focus on the disorder and 67% on the therapy. Concurrently offered Laboratory and Case Studies courses will be sequenced with these lecture-based courses to enhance the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills. This foundation of knowledge and skills will prepare the student for learning in Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences.
4 class hrs

Prerequisites & Notes
(Prerequisites: PP 466, PP 468, PC 412, and PP 469; corequisites: PC 512 and PP 567)

Credits: 4