May 27, 2022  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog

CO 740 - Social Media for Health and Nonprofit Organizations

Students will acquire beginning competency in selecting and using social media to accomplish social marketing or health communication objectives. The course introduces the strategic use of social media through various digital platforms, as well as analytical tools to measure audience engagement. We will discuss the evidence supporting behavior change effectiveness as well as the ethics of using these media. After social media bootcamp and basic training, students will be deployed to help a non-profit client create and implement a social media strategy.

Prerequisites & Notes
Student has satisfied any of the following: [Student has completed any of the following course(s): HE 750 - Behavior & Soc Foundations, HP 730 - Pub Hlth Res and Epidemology, PB 751 - Introduction to Marketing, PS 701 - Assessment I with grade greater than or equal to D-.] Or Student has satisfied all of the following: [Student has completed all of the following course(s): BW 701 - Prof Biomedical Writing, BW 703 - Info Strat for Biomed Writers, BW 704 - Regulatory Document Processes with grade greater than or equal to D-.]

Credits: 3