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2015-2016 University Catalog 
2015-2016 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The Department of Humanities aims to develop in students an understanding and an appreciation of history and literature, philosophy and language, art and music. It hopes thereby to stimulate students’ imaginations and their joy in life. It also provides training in writing, in the fundamentals of research in the humanities, and in the basics of the fine arts. It undertakes to serve the entire University community by sponsoring lectures, concerts, and many other special events that show the best of the humanities and the fine arts.

The Department of Humanities offers a major in humanities and science.

The Department of Humanities offers minors in humanities, literature, music, Spanish, and creative writing.


Kevin Murphy
BA (Towson University); MA, PhD (University of Maryland, College Park)
Professor of History
Chair, Department of Humanities
Phone: 215.596.8725

Jeffrey M. Brown
AB (Princeton University); MA, MPhil, PhD (Columbia University)
Assistant Professor of English

Martin Oliver Carrion
BA, MPP, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Humanities
Phone: 215.596.1133

Leah Comeau
BA (Syracuse University); MDiv (Duke University); MA, PhD (University of Pennsylvania)
Assistant Professor of Religion
Phone: 215.596.8587

Michael Dockray
BA, MA, MA (West Chester University)
Lecturer in English
Phone: 215.596.8907

Anne Marie Flanagan
BA, MA, PhD (Temple University) 
Associate Professor of English
Phone: 215.895.1132

Christine Flanagan
BA (University of Rochester); MFA (Emerson College)
Associate Professor of English
Phone: 215.596.7543

Brenna O. Holland
BA (Colgate University); PhD (Temple University)
Visiting Assistant Professor of History

Peter T. Hoffer
BA (Columbia University); MA (Tufts University); PhD (University of Pennsylvania)
Professor Emeritus of German

Laurie G. Kirszner
BA (Barnard College); MA (New York University); PhD (Temple University)
Professor Emeritus of English

William A. Reinsmith
BA (St. Charles Borromeo Seminary); MA (Villanova University); DA (Carnegie Mellon Univeristy)
Professor Emeritus of Humanities

Kim Robson
BS (Allegheny College); MM (New England Conservatory)
Assistant Professor of Music  
Phone: 215.596.7542

Samuel R. Talcott
BA (Pennsylvania State University); MA, PhD (DePaul Univeristy)
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Phone: 215.596.7129

David Traxel
AB (University of California, Berkeley); MA, PhD (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Professor Emeritus of History

Fellow in Humanities

Paul Halpern
BA (Temple University); MA, PhD (State University of New York, Stony Brook)
Professor of Mathematics and Physics
Phone: 215.596.8913

Adjunct Faculty

Roxanne Evans
MA (LaSalle University)
Adjunct Instructor in Spanish



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