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2018-2019 University Catalog 
2018-2019 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre-Med and Pre-Health Professions

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Pre-med and pre-health professions education at the University is based on the belief that a sound preparation in science and mathematics, supported by liberal arts courses in the humanities and social sciences, is the best foundation for success in medical and other health professions schools.

Through the University’s degree programs in biochemistry, biology, biomedical sciences, chemistry, environmental science, humanities and science, microbiology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacology and toxicology, and psychology, students can prepare themselves for admission to medical and other health professions schools while earning a bachelor of science degree. These degree programs have served as a firm foundation for many of our graduates to earn post-baccalaureate degrees in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, podiatry, and optometry.

A program of individualized counseling helps students prepare for admission to medical and other health professions schools. The pre-health professions advisors counsel students so that courses required for admission are taken; assist students in the selection of courses to meet their personal interests, abilities, and career objectives; and help with the various application procedures of medical and health professions schools.

The basic requirements/recommended courses for admission to medical and most other health professions schools include:

  • General biology – 2 semesters with laboratory
  • General chemistry – 2 semesters with laboratory
  • Organic chemistry – 2 semesters with laboratory
  • Biochemistry – 1 semester
  • General physics – 2 semesters with laboratory
  • Mathematics – 2 semesters
  • Behavioral and social sciences – 2 semesters
  • Writing/English – 2 semesters
  • Statistics – 1 semester

These courses generally are taken within the first three years of study. Students then have the flexibility to select additional coursework meeting their individual goals.

Our exceptional academic reputation enables us to offer a number of dual degree programs guaranteeing interviews for USciences students who meet certain academic criteria. Students in our dual degree programs complete a BS degree from USciences as well as the desired medical or health professional degree.

Additional information regarding the pre-health professions programs is available by contacting:

Suzanne K. Murphy, PhD 
Dean, Misher College of Arts and Sciences
Director, Pre-Health Professions Programs 

Phone: 215.596.8921
E-mail: s.murphy@usciences.edu

Laura Mangano, MEd
Associate Director, Pre-Health Professions Programs
Phone: 215.596.8753
E-mail: l.mangano@usciences.edu

Judy Sun, MEd
Assistant Director, Pre-Health Professions Programs
Phone: 215.596.8827
E-mail: j.sun@usciences.edu

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